27 October 2023

Al Dhannah HSE Community Forum

Al Dhannah HSE Community Forum

Al Dhannah City witnessed a remarkable event this year with Al Dhannah HSE Community Forum, organized by the dynamic collaboration of Al Dhafra Region Affair and the HSE departments, under the able leadership of Mubarak Al Mansouri, VP Al Dhafra Region Affairs, and Mohamed Al Najjar, VP HSE Group Business Support. This forum stands as a cornerstone in promoting sustainable practices, emphasizing safety, health, and community well-being. And the forum drew more than 1000 attendees to its discussions and activities.

An illustrious gathering of government agencies, sustainability experts, and community leaders graced the occasion. Hazeem Al Suwaidi, Borouge CEO, and Fatema Al Nuaimi, EVP, of Downstream Business Management, were among the distinguished figures who championed this noble cause.

The event was not just about discussions; it was a vibrant display of commitment. Numerous exhibitions and community events took place, thanks to our strategic partners and the active involvement of community partners in Al Dhannah City. These partnerships helped create a profound impact on the local community and showcased the power of collaboration.

Notably, the event featured the momentous planting of over 300 mangrove seedlings in Al Dhannah City, one of the most significant highlights of the event. This symbolic act holds immense significance, reflecting our dedication to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our unique ecosystem.

The Al Dhannah HSE Community Forum perfectly aligns with ADNOC's strategic vision. It places a strong emphasis on the environmental sustainability of Al Dhannah City, ultimately aiming to enhance the well-being of its residents. The goal is clear: to transform Al Dhannah into one of the leading cities, distinguished by its sustainable practices and commitment to the health and welfare of its inhabitants.

With over 1000 attendees, the Al Dhannah HSE Community Forum proves that significant change can be achieved when a community comes together. It encapsulates the essence of what it takes to build a better, safer, and more sustainable future. As we reflect on this remarkable event, it's evident that through unity, partnership, and unwavering dedication, we can transform the vision of a sustainable, healthy city into a reality. The success of this event, along with the planting of more than 300 mangrove seedlings, paves the way for a brighter future, not only for Al Dhannah but for all communities that value the well-being of their residents and the preservation of their environment.